Thomas Gyger

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Cast, coarse-grained Al-Sc alloys are interesting candidates for high temperature, creepresistant applications due to the formation of a high number density of nanometer sized Al3Sc precipitates [1]. Upon addition of Yb to Al-Sc alloys, Yb replaces the Sc forming Al3(Sc1-xYbx) precipitates (L12 structure) [2]. The resulting alloys have higher creep(More)
It is known that Zr and Yb partition to the Al3Sc precipitates created during aging when microalloyed separately in dilute binary Al– Sc alloys. Addition of Zr delays precipitate coarsening, thereby improving the coarsening resistance of the ternary Al-Sc-Zr alloys. Addition of Yb increases the resistance against dislocation climb, thereby improving the(More)
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