Thomas Gussner

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For Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving it is of major advantage to know future trajectories of traffic participants. These are influenced by many factors in the environment. One important factor is the geometry of the intersection a vehicle is approaching. In this paper we describe how we can extract a spline based intersection model(More)
The stability of RF (radio frequency) control systems is an essential part of particle accelerator technology. In accelerators, such as heavy-ion synchrotrons, RF feedback systems are used to damp longitudinal oscillation modes of the particle beam. Longitudinal modes have been analyzed in detail by accelerator physicists and there exists a closed theory(More)
Zusammenfassung In diesem Artikel wird eine Reglerentwurfsmethode für polynomiale Systeme mit Stellgrößenbeschränkungen vorgestellt, die auf der Sum-of-squaresZerlegung von Polynomen basiert. Die betrachteten Regelgesetze bestehen aus einer Komposition der Sättigungsfunktion und einer polynomialen bzw. gebrochen rationalen Funktion. Neben dem Regelgesetz(More)
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