Thomas Grille

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We present a silicon (Si) based infrared (IR) absorption sensor for fluids which is suitable for integration into a miniaturized sensor system. The sensor is designed to operate in the mid infrared (MIR) region ranging in the wavelengths λ=5 μm to λ=6 μm. We present the design, the modeling and the optical characterization of the(More)
In this work we present the fabrication and experimental characterization of an optimized vertical-cavity enhanced resonant thermal emitter (VERTE) for vertical emission at a wavelength of 4.26 pm. Our results show that such structure allows for a four time enhancement of the emission around the design wavelength when compared to out of band emission.
We present an evanescent-wave absorption sensor for gas detection using a silicon slab waveguide fabricated in MEMS technology. We demonstrate the feasibility for measuring CO<inf>2</inf> concentrations quantitatively with the used sensor structure. Furthermore, spectroscopic measurements show the capability of the sensor to resolve the(More)
The mid-infrared region is prominent for gas sensing due to the unique footprint of various volatile organic compounds. We investigated the intrinsic damping in silicon slab waveguides in the mid-infrared region in order to provide a platform for evanescent-Qeld sensing using silicon waveguides.
We designed, simulated and experimentally characterized thin silver microheater structures placed on a dielectric multilayer membrane, which represent the concept of vertical-cavity enhanced resonant thermal emission (VERTE). This concept has the goal to achieve selective and coherent thermal emission on the backside of the multilayer membrane. The(More)
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