Thomas Gründer

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In this paper we describe DepthTouch, an installation which explores future interactive surfaces and features elastic feedback, allowing the user to go deeper than with regular multi-touch surfaces. DepthTouch's elastic display allows the user to create valleys and ascending slopes by depressing or grabbing its textile surface. We describe the experimental(More)
Finding new and compelling approaches to interaction design for natural user interfaces, is challenging. The <i>Natural Interface Exploration</i> studio will offer participants the opportunity to explore interaction design for natural user interfaces based on physical substances that are used in everyday life. Studio organizers will present an overview of(More)
By their deformable screen-materials elastic displays and projection screens provide physical three-dimensional interaction modalities like push, pull or bend. Compared with conventional Multi-Touch displays they offer an additional interaction dimension which can be used to explore data. In this article we describe the FlexiWall, a large elastic display,(More)
1 Zusammenfassung In diesem Beitrag wird der methodische Ansatz Interface Exploration präsentiert, der die Entwicklung von natürlichen Benutzerschnittstellen unterstützt und systematisiert. Dabei wird auf den Fähigkeiten des Menschen aufgebaut, die im Laufe des Lebens im Umgang mit Substanzen und Materialien im Alltag angeeignet werden.
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