Thomas Goursolle

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One way to characterize metallic materials in the presence of defects like dislocation networks is to measure their large dynamic nonlinear elastic response. In this numerical study, a new method combining the nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy (NEWS) method with a time reversal (TR) process is proposed. This method, called NEWS-TR, uses nonlinear analysis(More)
Nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy with pretreatment and post-treatment of time reversal, called NEWS-TR and TR-NEWS, respectively, have been investigated numerically in this work. Ultrasonic Imaging of a localized 3D damaged region, modeled by a nonclassical nonlinear behavior has been demonstrated. With NEWS-TR localization is performed with a(More)
The quantitative evaluation of the non linearity from a material is a characterization method currently used in various applications such as NDE or medicine. Such a measurement must be performed using a set of devices exempted of non linearity themselves. The purpose of the present work is to investigate the non linear behavior of transducers. A measurement(More)
Nonlinearity based time reversal (NL-TR) for retrofocusing of ultrasound appears to be a new tool in nonlinear imaging because of its ability to efficiently concentrate ultrasound in heterogeneous media for defect localization. A 2D pseudo-spectral time domain algorithm has been developed with an Adams-Bashforth method for solving elastic wave equation in(More)
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