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This paper demonstrates the utility of a portable alpha Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) as a bench top scalar counter for multiple sample types. These include using the CAM to count fixed air sample filters and radiological smears. In counting radiological smears, the CAM is used very much like a gas flow proportional counter (GFPC), albeit with a lower(More)
In mobile ad hoc networks, the topology of the network is constantly changing as nodes move in and out of each other's range, breaking and establishing links. TCP performs poorly in such networks because packets that are lost due to path disconnections trigger TCP's congestion avoidance mechanisms. We investigate the effect of preemptive routing protocols,(More)
This paper describes a field demonstration and presents the network performance of an 802.11 ground-UAV network composed of 11 ground stations, a mobile vehicle and two fixed wing UAVs, connected by two routing gateways to a legacy wired network. The network effects demonstrated include mobility, network partitions, network merges and gateway failovers. The(More)
Career radiation doses for 8,961 male workers at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (CCNPP) were determined for both utility (n = 4,960) and contractor (n = 4,001) employees. Workers were followed from the time of first employment at CCNPP (including plant construction) to the end of 1984 (mean follow-up = 5.4 y). Plant operation began in 1975. The mean(More)
A key step in the evaluation of an agent (either autonomous or human) is determining the agent’s success as compared to other agents designed to participate in the same environment. Such comparisons are the basis for the Trading Agent Competition (TAC), in which autonomous trading agents compete in simulated market scenarios. TAC servers and agents alike(More)
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