Thomas Gisler

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We use near-infrared dynamic multiple scattering of light [diffusing-wave spectroscopy (DWS)] to detect the activation of the somato-motor cortex in 11 right-handed volunteers performing a finger opposition task separately with their right and left hands. Temporal autocorrelation functions g(1)(r,tau) of the scattered light field are measured during 100-s(More)
Activity of the human visual cortex, elicited by steady-state flickering at 8Hz, is non-invasively probed by multi-speckle diffusingwave spectroscopy (DWS). Parallel detection of the intensity fluctuations of statistically equivalent, but independent speckles allows to resolve stimulation-induced changes in the field autocorrelation of multiply scattered(More)
BACKGROUND Emotional stimuli are preferentially processed compared to neutral ones. Measuring the magnetic resonance blood-oxygen level dependent (BOLD) response or EEG event-related potentials, this has also been demonstrated for emotional versus neutral words. However, it is currently unclear whether emotion effects in word processing can also be detected(More)
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