Thomas Gessner

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We report on and emphasize the versatility of conductive atomic force microscopy in characterizing vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) aimed to be used in via interconnect technology. The study is conducted on multi-walled CNT arrays vertically grown on a copper-based metal line. Voltage-dependent current mapping and current-voltage characteristics(More)
While there have been huge advances in the field of biosensors during the last decade, their integration into a microfluidic environment avoiding external tubing and pumping is still neglected. Herein, we show a new microfluidic design that integrates multiple reservoirs for reagent storage and single-use electrochemical pumps for time-controlled delivery(More)
Microscale supercapapcitors based on hierarchical nanoporous hybrid electrodes consisting of 3D bicontinuous nanoporous gold and pseudocapacitive manganese oxide deliver an excellent stack capacitance of 99.1 F cm-3 and a high energy density of 12.7 mW h cm-3 with a retained high power density of 46.6 W cm-3.
In this paper, we describe a simulation methodology based on differentiation of Finite Element (FE) codes to parametric simulation of coupled microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). The idea of the new approach is to compute not only the governing system matrices but also high order partial derivatives with regard to design parameters by means of Automatic(More)
enal blood monocytes and lymphocytes, as well as a number of fetal tissues. Kellerman et a!. (22, 23) proposed that human lymphocyte AHH inducibility could be an indicator of suscep tibility to lung cancer. They found that human donors could be classified into 3 distinct categories of low, intermediate, or high lymphocyte AHH inducibility (22). A subsequent(More)
Clients (N = 178) with varying degrees of organic indicators were administered a psychological battery including the Memory for Designs Test (MFD; Graham & Kendall, 1960) to assess the extent to which joint presence of organic indicators affected the sensitivity of the MFD in identifying organicity. Joint presence failed to add to the discriminability of(More)