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Membrane excitability in different tissues is due, in large part, to the selective expression of distinct genes encoding the voltage-dependent sodium channel. Although the predominant sodium channels in brain, skeletal muscle, and cardiac muscle have been identified, the major sodium channel types responsible for excitability within the peripheral nervous(More)
Rasmussen's encephalitis is a progressive childhood disease of unknown cause characterized by severe epilepsy, hemiplegia, dementia, and inflammation of the brain. During efforts to raise antibodies to recombinant glutamate receptors (GluRs), behaviors typical of seizures and histopathologic features mimicking Rasmussen's encephalitis were found in two(More)
Over the past decade, research related to various aspects of human-computer interactions has become increasingly prominent within the human factors field. In that regard, the speed and accuracy of human motor movements associated with computer input devices has often been modeled by Fitts' law. However, most such analyses have not considered the angle of(More)
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