Thomas G. West

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We present a case of a clinically suspected cerebral infarction that was diagnosed as a seizure focus on pulsed arterial spin labeling. The finding of hyperperfusion with perfusion imaging significantly impacted clinical management of the patient.
This investigation evaluated the feasibility of using subdermally implantable devices fabricated by nonconventional 3-dimensional printing technology for controlled delivery of ethinyl estradiol (EE2). In vitro release kinetics of EE2 and in vivo pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics in ovariectomized New Zealand White rabbits were carried out to study 3(More)
New methods of manufacture have enabled the creation of novel dosage forms with unique rapid-dispersion properties. This study combines one such technique with a statistical experimental design to develop dosage forms from captopril, an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor used to treat cases of hypertensive emergency. The TheriForm process, a novel(More)
A Revival of Visual Talents and Skills As we move forward into the future, we may expect a revival of visual talents and skills once highly valued, but long considered of lesser value in a modern culture long dominated by words. Indeed, it may be significant that our culture is so word-bound that we find it difficult to even talk about visual proficiencies(More)
With the recent revival of visual approaches at the forefront of several scientific, mathematical, and technological developments, this paper proposes that visually oriented dyslexics may be in an increasingly favorable position in future years. The same set of traits which has caused them so much difficulty in traditional verbally-oriented educational(More)
The panel will consider “seeing the unseen”--the use of information and scientific visualization in education--what are we doing, what have we learned, where we may be going. From the earliest days, SIGGRAPH has focused on the importance of information visualization and on the use of interaction to aid and reinforce learning and understanding. This panel(More)