Thomas G. West

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We present a case of a clinically suspected cerebral infarction that was diagnosed as a seizure focus on pulsed arterial spin labeling. The finding of hyperperfusion with perfusion imaging significantly impacted clinical management of the patient.
As we move forward into the future, we may expect a revival of visual talents and skills once highly valued, but long considered of lesser value in a modern culture long dominated by words. Indeed, it may be significant that our culture is so word-bound that we find it difficult to even talk about visual profi-ciencies without referring to word-oriented(More)
"Until the 1960s, a student in an American engineering school was expected by his teachers to use his mind's eye to examine things that engineers had designed ~ to look at them, listen to them, walk around them, and thus to develop an intu/~ve ~eel'for the way the material world works (and sometimes doesn't work).".. "By the 1980s, engineering curricula had(More)
Author of In the Mind's Eye "Just after the invention of ~e Phoeni-cian alphabet, words and images ... began to take separate mutes. It is true that.., in ancient Egypt, the two forms were combined.... But, by and large, the visual and the verbal went their separate ways .... Each had its own vocabulary ..., each its own department in the univers/ty....(More)
Brain Drain Recently, a friend told me of a television program shown in Canada about the French "brain drain" Earlier, I had seen newspaper articles about scientists and engineers leaving France because of apparently limited opportunities coupled with their belief that they would always be known for the schools they attended rather than for how well they(More)