Thomas G Tullius

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Arteriovenous malformations (AVM) of the uterus can cause life-threatening hemorrhage. Unexplained, heavy vaginal bleeding in a reproductive age woman should raise suspicion for an AVM. Here a 37-year-old woman had increasingly severe vaginal bleeding for 15 days. Serum β-hCG was elevated. Two-dimensional transvaginal ultrasound suggested retained products(More)
The combined Poland and Mobius syndrome occurs rarely and with a wide range of features. There is no consensus on the etiology of this syndrome; familial, sporadic cases and likely environmental insult cases have been reported. This sporadic case represents a unique variant in the spectrum of this syndrome.
We present a 39-year-old G0P0 with history of infertility treatment-caused ovarian hyperstimulation and uterine fibroids, who was found to have a rare pathological presentation. Peritoneal lesions were identified during laparoscopic treatment for this patient's fibroids. Histological evaluation of these lesions revealed leiomyomatosis peritonealis(More)
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