Thomas G. Minehan

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The anti-peroxyl radical quality of two aqueous rooibos infusions and solutions of their most abundant glycosylated polyphenols was evaluated using pyrogallol red and fluorescein-based oxygen radical absorbance ratios. It was observed that the artificial infusions, prepared using only the most abundant polyphenols present in rooibos and at concentrations(More)
The convergent total synthesis of polycarcin V, a gilvocarcin-type natural product that shows significant cytotoxicity with selectivity for nonsmall-cell lung cancer, breast cancer, and melanoma cells, has been achieved in 13 steps from 7, 8, and 22; the sequence features a stereoselective α-C-glycosylation reaction for the union of protected carbohydrate 7(More)
The 3,3'-di-O-methyl derivative (15) of the bis-C-aryl glycoside natural product ardimerin (1) has been synthesized in 11 steps from 2,3,4,6-tetrabenzylglucose (2) and 1,2,3-trimethoxybenzene (3). Key steps in the synthesis involve a Lewis acid mediated Friedel-Crafts type glycosylation and a Yamaguchi lactonization under Yonemitsu conditions.(More)
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