Thomas G. Giolas

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The Hearing Performance Inventory (HPI) was developed to assess hearing performance in problem areas experienced in everyday listening. It consists of six sections: (1) Understanding Speech, (2) Intensity, (3) Response to Auditory Failure, (4) Social, (5) Personal, and (6) Occupational. A self-report response style is used. Sentences were written to(More)
Repeated measures are needed to assess speechreading ability of prospective cochlear implant candidates and to follow their progress over the course of treatment. To perform such measures, high quality color videotaped versions of four speechreading tests were constructed using a male and a female speaker. Materials were selected to provide gradations in(More)
The relationships between each of seven predictor variables and the relative degree to which 84 normal and hearing-impaired children used audition or vision in their perception of word stimuli were investigated. The children's relative use of audition or vision was assessed by the auditory-visual presentation of monosyllabic word stimuli in which the visual(More)