Thomas G. Fitzgerald

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The thermodynamics of self-assembling systems are discussed in terms of the chemical interactions and the intermolecular forces between species. It is clear that there are both theoretical and practical limitations on the dimensions and the structural regularity of these systems. These considerations are made with reference to the microphase separation that(More)
Microphase separation of a polystyrene-block-polyisoprene-block-polystyrene triblock copolymer thin film under confined conditions (i.e., graphoepitaxy) results in ordered periodic arrays of polystyrene cylinders aligned parallel to the channel side-wall and base in a polyisoprene matrix. Polymer orientation and translational ordering with respect to the(More)
The performance of clinical chemistry laboratories in New Zealand in the assays of oestriol and creatinine in pregnancy urine has been investigated. The quality of oestriol determinations in general was poor. Only seven of 20 laboratories achieved an inter-assay precision of better than 12 percent consistently through the range of oestriol levels(More)
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