Thomas G. Fitzgerald

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The thermodynamics of self-assembling systems are discussed in terms of the chemical interactions and the intermolecular forces between species. It is clear that there are both theoretical and practical limitations on the dimensions and the structural regularity of these systems. These considerations are made with reference to the microphase separation that(More)
Developing new thermal interface materials (TIMs) is a key activity to meeting package thermal performance requirements for future generations of microprocessors. Indium solder is capable of demonstrating end-of-line performance to meet current technology targets due to its inherent high thermal conductivity. However, improving its reliability performance,(More)
PURPOSE Associations of radiation therapy (RT) deviations and outcomes in medulloblastoma have not been defined well, particularly in the era of reduced-dose craniospinal irradiation and chemotherapy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the quality of RT on Children's Cancer Group/Pediatric Oncology Group 9961 and analyze associations of RT deviations with(More)
In the standard routine for testing cranial nerve function following a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) compromising the corticonuclear supply to the cranial nerves, sternomastoid muscle (SCM) function is checked by means of head rotation against resistance. SCM appears to be an exception to the generally contralateral motor weakness resulting from a CVA. The(More)
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