Thomas G Davies

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1. Tritium-labelled palmitic acid combined in olive-oil triglycerides was introduced into the rumen of a lactating cow and the specific radioactivity of the lipids of milk and of the lipoproteins of both jugular and mammary venous serum was measured. 2. As previously found in a similar experiment with [(3)H]stearic acid, the specific radioactivity of the(More)
The effects on the haemostatic mechanism of oestrogen therapy, given to prevent bone loss in post-menopausal women, have been investigated. Oestriol succinate was given orally to 10 women at a level of 2 mg/day for 1 month and for a further 3 months with incremental increase of 2 mg each month. 6 of the 10 women were subsequently treated with 25 mug/day(More)
Optical microscopy, involving both fluorescence imaging and confocal Raman microspectroscopy, was used to visualize single, isolated, electrically active heart muscle cells. For example, short-term, dynamic changes in Raman bands during the contraction cycle, as well as persistent band changes during structural remodeling (microscopic rearrangements of(More)
Over the past two decades, the development of methods for visualizing and analysing specimens digitally, in three and even four dimensions, has transformed the study of living and fossil organisms. However, the initial promise that the widespread application of such methods would facilitate access to the underlying digital data has not been fully achieved.(More)
1. Tritium-labelled olive-oil triglycerides were introduced into the rumens of lactating cows and the specific activities of the lipids of milk and plasma and of serum lipoproteins were measured. 2. On treatment of serum with dextran sulphate it was found that the lipid of the precipitated beta-lipoproteins consistently had a specific activity-time curve(More)