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The following people were also helpful in making this project possible. Georg Fuellen at MIT, who provided a list of initial references. David B. Fogel of the ORINCON Corporation, who was kind enough to send a copy of one of his papers, which the author referenced extensively. Leigh Testfatsion also provided a copy of an important paper. clarifying some of(More)
Delivery of online education requires a robust environment for development of Web-based courses. Although commercial solutions for online course management exist, many universities choose to develop their own environments. The engineering school of the University of Louisville has developed such an environment. At the minimum, any online education system(More)
Audible pulse tones, based on a variable-pitch frequency scale, allow the anesthesiologist to determine the patient's oxygen saturation without constant visual examination of the monitor display. The ability to reliably detect oxygen saturation levels based on audible pulse tones may be compromised when multiple pulse oximeter systems are used. The goal of(More)
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