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Synaptic plasticity may depend not only on the afferent fibers but also on the recipient structure. The medial perforant path (MPP) from the entorhinalcortex projects to both the dentate gyrus (DG) and CA3, resulting in excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EPSPs) in both areas. In this study, we showed that long-term depression (LTD) following low-frequency(More)
Spike timing-dependent plasticity in the hippocampus has rarely been studied in vivo. Using extracellular potential and current source density analysis in urethane-anesthetized adult rats, we studied synaptic plasticity at the basal dendritic excitatory synapse in CA1 after excitation-spike (ES) pairing; E was a weak basal dendritic excitation evoked by(More)
We consider the Generalised Normal Variance-Mean (GNVM) model in which the mixing random variable is Gamma distributed for financial return data. This model generalises the popular Variance-Gamma (VG) distribution. This GNVM model can be interpreted as the addition of noise to a (skew) VG base. In this presentation, we will not only discuss the parameter(More)
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