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In this paper we present the MPI-IO Interface kernel in the Vienna Parallel Input Output System (ViPIOS), which is a client-server based parallel I/O system. Compared to the already existing parallel I/O systems and libraries the concept of an independent distributed server promises to greatly enhance the usability and acceptance of the I/O system as well(More)
Due to the shift from CPU-bound to I/O bound problems the performance of the disk I/O accesses of parallel programs is a key factor for the success of solution approaches. The Vi-enna Parallel Input Output System (ViPIOS) [14] is a client-server based system to speed up the disk accesses for high performance programs by combining characteristics of parallel(More)
For applications in laser display technology, a polygonal line scanning device based on aerodynamic hemispherical bearings is being developed in our laboratory. The rotor of the device requires precise balancing for reliable performance at rotational speeds >60 000 rpm. We estimate the necessary balancing quality from basic considerations and describe, how(More)
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