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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Early recovery after anaesthesia is gaining importance in fast track management. The aim of this study was to quantify psychomotor recovery within the first 24 h after propofol/remifentanil anaesthesia using the Short Performance Test (Syndrom Kurztest (SKT)), consisting of nine subtests. The hypothesis was that psychomotor(More)
Oral fluoride clearance and oral fluoride retention were studied in 12 adult volunteers. 5 different mouthrinses were used. The test agents, in part available on the market, includes two Candida mouthrinses containing 1508 and 330 ppm F, respectively, Act containing 308 ppm F, a zinc fluoride-hexetidine (ZH) combination containing 287 ppm F, and an amine(More)
Since albumin is being developed as a drug carrier to target tumours the search for albumin-binding proteins (ABPs), which play a role in cell surface binding and endocytosis of native and conjugated albumins becomes more and more interesting. We isolated five different proteins from purified plasma membranes from three different human tumour cell lines(More)
BACKGROUND The Narcotrend is a computer-based EEG monitor designed to measure the depth of anaesthesia. The aim of the present study is to test the hypothesis that the intraoperative level of anaesthetic depth differs if decision-making is guided by Narcotrend monitoring or not. METHODS Forty-eight patients undergoing elective surgery were randomized to(More)
We derive a root test for degenerations as described in the title. In the case of Dynkin quivers this leads to a conceptual proof of the fact that the codimension of a minimal disjoint degeneration is always one. For Euclidean quivers, it enables us to show a periodic behaviour. This reduces the classification of all these degenerations to a finite problem(More)
Constipation is a prevalent comorbidity affecting ∼50% of patients with long-term opioid therapy. In clinical routine different diagnostic instruments are in use to identify patients under risk. The aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic performance of an 11-item Likert scale for constipation used as a self-assessment in opioid-treated patients.(More)
The synthesis of NAD+ derivatives spin-labeled at either N6 or C8 of the adenine ring is described, in which the carboxamide function of the nicotinamide moiety is replaced by a diazirine ring. Irradiation of these compounds at 350 nm generates a carbene which will react with any functional group in its vicinity including hydrocarbons. Both NAD+ derivatives(More)
A geospatial navigation concept for browsing videos according to their tagged geographic location is proposed. It expands two paradigms for selecting video content: First continuous, yet one-dimensional flipping through subsequent video clips that are ordered in lists. This is state-ofthe-art in lean back settings and usually done with a regular HbbTV(More)