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The Semantic Web fosters novel applications targeting a more efficient and satisfying exploitation of the data available on the web, e.g. faceted browsing of linked open data. Large amounts and high diversity of knowledge in the Semantic Web pose the challenging question of appropriate relevance ranking for producing fine-grained and rich descriptions of(More)
Events are central aspect of many semantic ambient media applications such as surveillance, smart homes, automobiles, and others. Existing models for events typically do not follow a systematic development approach, are conceptually narrow with respect to event features, and their semantics is often ambiguous. This makes the communication between and(More)
Die Arbeitsberichte aus dem Fachbereich Informatik dienen der Darstellung vorläufiger Ergebnisse, die in der Regel noch für spätere Veröffentlichungen überarbeitet werden. Die Autoren sind deshalb für kritische Hinweise dankbar. Alle Rechte vorbehalten, insbesondere die der Übersetzung, des Nachdruckes, des Vortrags, der Entnahme von Abbildungen und(More)
Biomaterials are increasingly being investigated as a means of reducing stress within the ventricular wall of infarcted hearts and thus attenuating pathological remodelling and loss of function. In this context, we have examined the influence of timing of delivery on the efficacy of a polyethylene glycol hydrogel polymerised with an enzymatically degradable(More)
Maternal trauma (MT) in automotive collisions is a source of injury, morbidity, and mortality for both mothers and fetuses. The primary associated pathology is placental abruption in which the placenta detaches from the uterus leading to hemorrhaging and termination of pregnancy. In this study, we focused on the differences in placental tissue response to(More)
Recently we presented a method for the assessment of in vivo forces on pectoral device implants motivated from technological and clinical advancements toward smaller implantable cardiac pacemakers and the altered structural demands arising from the reduced device size. Objective of this study was the investigation of the intra-species proportionality of(More)
OBJECTIVE Constrictive external mesh support of vein grafts was shown to mitigate intimal hyperplasia in animal experiments. To determine the degree of constriction required for the elimination of dimensional irregularities in clinically used vein grafts, a detailed anatomic study of human saphenous veins was conducted. METHODS In 200 consecutive patients(More)
OBJECTIVE External mesh support of vein grafts has been shown to mitigate the formation of intimal hyperplasia. The aim of the present study was to address the issue of optimal mesh size in a nonhuman primate model that mimics the dimensional mismatch typically encountered between clinical vein grafts and their target arteries. METHODS The effect of mesh(More)
OBJECTIVE Constrictive external Nitinol meshes have been shown to suppress neointimal tissue formation and preserve endothelial integrity in vein grafts. As this mitigating effect increased with the degree of constriction, we investigated whether extreme constriction was possible without leading to detrimental luminal encroachment. METHODS A senescent(More)
External mesh constriction of vein grafts was shown to mitigate intimal hyperplasia by lowering circumferential wall stress and increasing fluid shear stress. As under-constriction leaves vein segments unsupported and thus prone to neointimal proliferation while over-constriction may cause wall folding optimal mesh sizing holds a key to clinical success.(More)