Thomas Fischer

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We have observed what appears to be a first-order phase change from deeply supercooled liquid triphenyl phosphite at 1 atm to a rigid, " apparently " amorphous phase which we denote as the " glacial phase ". This is a new, crisper, and rather different addition to the examples of polyamorphism that have recently been studied. In order to " deeply "(More)
A laser system based on injection locking of a broad emitter diode laser operating at a wavelength of λ = 671 nm has been realized. With an injected power of 9.6 mW, 130 mW output power of the broad emitter diode laser is achieved. The broad emitter diode laser operates in a single spectral mode and its eigenmodes can be suppressed by more than 30 dB. By(More)
Satellite-based precipitation monitoring at high spatial resolution is crucial for assessing the water and energy cycles at the global and regional scale. Based on the recently released 7th version of the Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) product of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), and the monthly precipitation data (3B43) are(More)
A microscopic magnetic quadrupole trap for neutral atoms has been realized with a combination of permanent magnets, coils, and ferromagnetic pole pieces. The attainable magnetic field gradients of 3 3 10 5 G͞cm infer a spatial extension of the ground state much smaller than the wavelength of optical transitions. The field gradient can be varied over a wide(More)
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