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Marjaʿiyyah from Below: Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Religious Authority
Studies of the marjaʿiyyah often focus on the religious authorities themselves and more rarely on the followers – muqallids – of various marjaʿs. This article presents reflections from anExpand
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Heritage erasure and heritage transformation: how heritage is created by destruction in Bahrain
This article suggests that heritage erasure is also heritage transformation. The article is an analysis of alternative contemporary heritage processes in the Arab Gulf state Bahrain. I use threeExpand
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Shiisme og Shiisme-forskning i de arabiske Golf-stater
I denne artikel om shiisme og shiisme-forskning i Golfen diskuteres to forhold: 1. hvordan en adskillelse mellem sunni- og shia-muslimer er blevet forstaerket i de senere artiers politiske processer,Expand
Potential Heritage: The Making And Unmaking of the Pearl Monument in Bahrain
Abstract This article investigates the potential of heritage, of that which may potentially become heritage, and also why some heritage may be unwanted. The article takes the Pearl Monument inExpand
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Introduction: Heritage Gone Global. Investigating the Production and Problematics of Globalized Pasts
Taylor and Francis GHAN_A_558585.sgm 10.1080/027 7206 2011.558585 Hist ry and Anthropology 0275-7206 (pri t)/1477-2612 (online) Article 2 11 & Francis 0000June 2011 D MadsDaugbje g mads.d gbjeExpand
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Critical Media in the Arab World
Author information: Ehab Galal is an Associate Professor at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Copenhagen University. He has approached research questions from aExpand
The Matter which may be: Sectarian Dilemmas of Materiality in Bahrain
Abstract This article discusses different approaches to materiality and material expressions of cultural identity in contemporary Bahrain, a small Arab Gulf state. Various Islamic traditions haveExpand
Global Display—Local Dismay. Debating “Globalized Heritage” in Bahrain
This article discusses how “globalized heritage” is perceived and debated in the Arab Gulf state of Bahrain. These debates raise questions about what kinds of heritage count as global, and howExpand
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