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  • Thomas Fetz
  • International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness…
  • 2011
This article is devoted to the propagation of families of variability intervals through multivariate functions comprising the semantics of confidence limits. At fixed confidence level, local random sets are defined whose aggregation admits the calculation of upper probabilities of events. In the multivariate case, a number of ways of combination is(More)
The paper addresses the evaluation of upper and lower probabilities induced by functions of an imprecise random variable. Given a function g and a family Xλ of random variables, where the parameter λ ranges in an index set Λ, one may ask for the upper/lower probability that g(Xλ ) belongs to some Borel set B. Two interpretations are investigated. In the(More)
A traditional procedure for performance evaluation of systems is to test approaches on one or more case studies. However, it is well known that the investigation of real case studies is a tedious task. Moreover, due to the limited amount of case studies available it is not certain that all aspects of a problem can be covered in such procedure. With(More)
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