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In this paper we develop an agent-based marriage model based on social interaction. We build an population of interacting agents whose chances of marrying depend on the availability of partners, and whose willingness to marry depends on the share of relevant others in their social network who are already married. We then let the typical aggregate age(More)
Empirical studies indicate that the transition to parenthood is influenced by an individual's peer group. To study the mechanisms creating interdependencies across individuals' transition to parenthood and its timing, we apply an agent-based simulation model. We build a one-sex model and provide agents with three different characteristics: age, intended(More)
We performed a case-control study to investigate the role of recent infection as stroke risk factor and to identify pathogenetic pathways linking infection and stroke. We examined 166 consecutive patients with acute cerebrovascular ischemia and 166 patients hospitalized for nonvascular and noninflammatory neurologic diseases. Control subjects were(More)
The question how social norms can emerge from microscopic interactions between individuals is a key problem in social sciences to explain collective behavior. In this paper we propose an agent-based model to show that randomly distributed social behavior by way of local interaction converges to a state with a multimodal distribution of behavior. This can be(More)
It is well accepted that future economic output in most industrialized countries must be achieved by a smaller and older labor force. A key question is how this development might affect labor productivity as measured by output per worker. In the view of many economists, an aging population has negative consequences for growth in output per capita for two(More)
The population in developed countries is rapidly aging, which explains why demography-the scientific study of human population dynamics-has become such a hot topic for science and the mass media. Technical progress with respect to computing power has helped alleviate population research-in fact, most contemporary research wouldn't have been possible without(More)
BACKGROUND In today's climate of financial restrictions, libraries and individual subscribers complain about the price increase of scientific journals. The development in prices of anesthesia/critical care journals was analysed over the past 6 years and compared to prices of some journals of other disciplines. METHODS Important journals in the categories(More)