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Terror management research has shown that mortality salience (MS) leads to increased support and defense of cultural ingroups and their norms (i.e., worldview defense, WD). The authors investigated whether these effects can be understood as efforts to restore a generalized sense of control by strengthening one's social ingroup. In Studies 1-3, the authors(More)
BACKGROUND Home visits are part of general practice work in Germany. Within the context of an expanding elderly population and a decreasing number of general practitioner (GPs), open questions regarding the organisation and adequacy of GPs' care in immobile patients remain. To answer these questions, we will conduct a representative primary data collection(More)
INTRODUCTION The synthetic drug methamphetamine with its high addiction potential is associated with substantial adverse health effects. In Germany, especially Central Germany, the increase in the consumption of methamphetamine has exceeded that of other illegal drugs. The treatment system and service providers are facing new challenges due to this rise in(More)
STUDY GOAL The effectiveness of screening and brief intervention (SBI) to reduce alcohol consumption has been shown by several studies in primary care. In spite of many attempts to establish SBI in routine care only a few patients are treated accordingly. Therefore in the study the General Practitioners' (GPs) assessment of barriers was investigated and(More)
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