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Determination of captopril in human blood and urine by GLC-selected ion monitoring mass spectrometry after oral coadministration with its isotopomer.
A modified electron-impact GLC-selected ion monitoring mass spectrometric method for captopril is described. Positive chemical ionization GLC-selected ion monitoring and direct chemical ionizationExpand
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Determination of orally coadministered nadolol and its deuterated analogue in human serum and urine by gas chromatography with selected-ion monitoring mass spectrometry.
A cartridge serum and urine extraction procedure of the beta-adrenergic antagonist, nadolol, employing a cross-linked styrene-divinyl benzene macroreticular resin is described. Samples were analyzedExpand
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Identification and determination of the S-methyl metabolite of captopril in human plasma by selected-ion monitoring gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
The S-methyl metabolite of captopril was identified and determined in human plasma by positive chemical ionization selected-ion monitoring gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. After oralExpand
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The printing industry: What lies ahead
The government printing office; A discussion of selected activities, problems, and future concerns
Abstract This article was based on an address before the Management Conference of Agriculture Executives; Williamsburg, Virginia; December 2, 1976. Expand
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Use of frozen blood.
  • T. McCormick
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  • American journal of clinical pathology
  • 1 February 1978