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On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models
This report provides a thorough account of the opportunities and risks of foundation models, ranging from their capabilities, to their applications, and what they are even capable of due to their emergent properties.
Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning: Contributions and Challenges
This paper recalls the main contributions and discusses key challenges for neural-symbolic integration which have been identified at a recent Dagstuhl seminar.
On Pearl’s Hierarchy and the Foundations of Causal Inference
This chapter develops a novel and comprehensive treatment of the Pearl Causal Hierarchy through two complementary lenses: one logical-probabilistic and another inferential-graphical, and investigates an inferential system known as do-calculus, showing how it can be suf­ ficient, and in many cases necessary, to allow inferences across the PCH’s layers.
Measure semantics and qualitative semantics for epistemic modals
In this paper, we explore semantics for comparative epistemic modals that avoid the entailment problems shown by Yalcin (2006, 2009, 2010) to result from Kratzer’s (1991) semantics. In contrast to
Joint revision of belief and intention
We present a formal semantical model to capture action, belief and intention, based on the "database perspective" (Shoham 2009). We then provide postulates for belief and intention revision, and
Inclusion and Exclusion in Natural Language
It is shown that an extension of the Monotonicity Calculus, augmented by six new type markings, is sufficient to derive novel inferences beyond monotonicity reasoning, and moreover gives rise to an interesting logic of its own.
Moorean Phenomena in Epistemic Logic
It is shown that in logics of knowledge and belief for a single agent and for an introspective agent, Moorean phenomena are the source of all self-refutation and the Cartesian formulas are exactly the formulas that are not eventually self- Refuting and that not all learnable formulas are successful.
Information dynamics and uniform substitution
The decidability of this schematic validity problem for public announcement logic (PAL and PAL-RC) over models for finitely many fully introspective agents, as well as models for infinitely many arbitrary agents is proved.
A Monotonicity Calculus and Its Completeness
One of the prominent mathematical features of natural language is the prevalence of “upward” and “downward” inferences involving determiners and other functional expressions. These inferences are