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The reliability of self-assessed health status.
The use of self-assessed health status (SAHS) as a measure of health is common in empirical research. We analyse a unique Australian survey in which a random sub-sample of respondents answer aExpand
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Consumption and Income Inequality in Australia
It has been argued that consumption is a more appropriate measure of household wellbeing than income or earnings. Using four Household Expenditures Surveys collected by the Australian Bureau ofExpand
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The effects of drug subsidies on out-of-pocket prescription drug expenditures by seniors: regional evidence from Canada.
Between 1970 and 1986, all Canadian provinces introduced some version of a prescription drug subsidy for those aged 65 years or over and since 1986, all the provinces have increased copayments orExpand
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Financial Crisis Wealth Losses and Responses among Older Households in England
Prices of real and financial assets fell substantially in the UK during 2008–09. The fourth wave of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) was in the field throughout this ‘financialExpand
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Immigrant Benefit Receipt Revisited: Sensitivity to the Choice of Survey Years and Model Specification
Receipt of unemployment insurance by immigrant men and social assistance by immigrant families are analysed using thirteen surveys from Canada. Estimates from a cohort fixed effects model are foundExpand
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A Synthetic Cohort Analysis of Canadian Housing Careers
This paper uses a time-series of cross-sections drawn from three different surveys to explore life-cycle profiles of housing arrangements in Canada. Synthetic cohort (quasi-panel) methods areExpand
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Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Expenditures and Public Prescription Drug Programs
Canadian household prescription drug expenditures are studied using different years of the Statistics Canada Family Expenditure Survey. Master files are used, expanding the number of available yearsExpand
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Distributional Effects of 'General Population' Prescription Drug Programs in Canada
Canadian household prescription drug expenditures are studied using the Statistics Canada Family Expenditure Survey masterfiles for periods that include the introduction of provincial `generalExpand
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