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When most Americans think about health insurance, their frame of reference is employer- or government-sponsored health plans. But individual health insurance differs from these models. Most importantly, while individual insurance provides protection against unexpected medical expenses, it is limited in its ability to subsidize the expenses of people who(More)
The stannous alkoxides [Sn(OR)2] [R = i-Pr, t-Bu, C(Et)Me2, CHPh2, CPh3] have been synthesised by reaction of Sn(NR'2)2 with two equivalents of HOR [R' = Me, R = i-Pr; R' = SiMe3, R = t-Bu, C(Et)Me2, CHPh2, CPh3]. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis of the bis(diphenylmethoxide) (4) and bis(triphenylmethoxide) (5) species have shown them to comprise(More)
Flip-chip interconnects made entirely from copper are needed to overcome the intrinsic limits of solder-based interconnects and match the demand for increased current densities. To this end, dip-based all-copper interconnects are a promising approach to form electrical interconnects by sintering copper nanoparticles between the copper pillar and pad.(More)
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