Thomas F. W. Nicholson

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RAPOPORT, A., T. F. NICHOLSON AND E. R. YENDT. A4ouement of electrolytes across the wall of the urinary bladder in dogs. Am. J. Physiol. 198(r): Igr-194. Ig6o.-The transfer of certain electrolytes (Na +, K+, Cl-, H+) through the wall of the isolated urinary bladder has been studied in the dog. When test solutions are introduced into the bladder, changes in(More)
The Gaussian process state space model (GPSSM) is a non-linear dynamical system, where unknown transition and/or measurement mappings are described by GPs. Most research in GPSSMs has focussed on the state estimation problem. However, the key challenge in GPSSMs has not been satisfactorily addressed yet: system identification. To address this challenge, we(More)
1. A method is described for the production of a nephrosis in one kidney of an experimental animal. The normal kidney in the same animal is available for a control. 2. The nephrosis produced by the injection of 7.5 per cent sodium tartrate is limited to the proximal convoluted tubule. There is no histological evidence of glomerular damage. 3. This damage(More)