Thomas F. Tracy

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Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a common cause of severe respiratory distress in the newborn. However, the presentation of CDH in older children and adults is rare, and, therefore, little is known concerning its symptoms, operative management, and postoperative complications. Thirteen patients (age range: 2 months to 26 years; 5 males, 8 females)(More)
Cogenital tracheal stenosis with unilateral pulmonary agenesis is a rate and frequent fetal combination. In an 8-year period, 5 infants (ages 2 to 6 months) with these anomalies were treated. The presenting signs and symptoms consisted of wheezing, stridor, and tachypnea and included frank respiratory failure requiring emergency therapy in several patients.(More)
Although survival in infants with congenital intestinal obstruction has improved, duodenal obstruction continues to present unique challenges. One hundred thirty-eight newborns and infants (aged 0 to 30 days) were treated for congenital duodenal obstruction. Sixty-five were boys and 73 were girls. Sixty-one (45%) were premature. Forty-six had an intrinsic(More)
OBJECTIVE To critically analyze complications and long-term results of the operative treatment of Hirschsprung's disease. DESIGN Medical records of patients with Hirschsprung's disease were reviewed retrospectively. Follow-up was obtained using a standardized telephone questionnaire. SETTING Major pediatric referral center. PATIENTS Eighty-two infants(More)
BACKGROUND Although timely surgical treatment of liver disease can interrupt inflammation and reduce fibrosis, the mechanisms of repair are unknown. We questioned whether these mechanisms of repair include changes in the inflammatory infiltrate and associated biological activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) 8 and 2. METHODS Rats (n >or= 3)(More)
BACKGROUND The major objective of the present study was to determine the severity of nonfatal injuries sustained by children (<16 years old) when a motor vehicle rolls over them. We also sought to determine whether younger children (<24 months old) demonstrated different patterns of injury and/or a worse outcome, compared with older children (>24 months(More)
Congenital bronchopulmonary malformations are uncommon but potentially life-threatening anomalies of infants and children. Between 1970 and 1988, 45 patients from birth to 13 years of age (23 boys and 22 girls) underwent evaluation and treatment for bronchopulmonary malformations. Thirty-seven had solitary lesions: bronchogenic cyst (n = 13), cystic(More)
Large hemangiomas in infants and children are rare but can be life-threatening if they involve vital structures or produce thrombocytopenia or congestive heart failure. During a 6-year period, 22 infants and children, aged newborn to 7 years, were treated for complex, symptomatic hemangiomas. The lesions were located in the liver in seven, face or parotid(More)
Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate prospectively whether laparoscopic (LA) and open appendectomy (OA) are equally safe and feasible in the treatment of pediatric appendicitis. Methods: A total of 517 children with acute appendicitis were randomly assigned to undergo LA or OA appendectomy, based on the schedule of the attending surgeon on(More)
PURPOSE Nonoperative treatment of acute appendicitis appears to be feasible in adults. It is unclear whether the same is true for children. METHODS Children 5-18 years with <48 h symptoms of acute appendicitis were offered nonoperative treatment: 2 doses of piperacillin IV, then ampicillin/clavulanate ×1 week. Treatment failure (worsening on therapy) and(More)