Thomas F. Moore

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Accumulating evidence indicates an important role for non-coding RNA molecules in eukaryotic cell regulation. A small number of coding and non-coding overlapping antisense transcripts (OATs) in eukaryotes have been reported, some of which regulate expression of the corresponding sense transcript. The prevalence of this phenomenon is unknown, but there may(More)
  • U S Inan, M Gol-Kowski, D L Carpenter, N Reddell, R C Moore, T F Bell +12 others
  • 2004
[1] Modulated heating of the lower ionosphere with the HAARP HF heater is used to excite 1 –2 kHz signals observed on a ship-borne receiver in the geomagnetic conjugate hemisphere after propagating as ducted whistler-mode signals. These 1-hop signals are believed to be amplified, and are accompanied by triggered emissions. Simultaneous observations near(More)
Nutcracker phenomenon or renal vein entrapment is classically seen as a compression of renal vein in between abdominal aorta and superior mesenteric artery with patients being asymptomatic or clinically manifested in the form of nutcracker syndrome as proteinuria, hematuria, flank pain, pelvic congestion in women, and varicocele in men. In this report, we(More)
particular regions of genes, much like sense transcripts (Fig. 1 and figs. S2 and S8). This distribution is consistent with a model wherein many antisense transcripts initiate and terminate near the terminators and promoters, respectively, of the sense transcripts. Some of the apparent antisense transcripts from a gene on the plus strand could actually be(More)
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