Thomas F. Moore

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OBJECTIVES This report presents an overview, a detailed description of the sample design features, and estimation structures for the 2006-2015 National Health Interview Survey NHIS). It fulfills the same role for the current 2006-2015 NHIS design as NCHS Series 2, No. 130, "Design and Estimation for the National Health Interview Survey, 1995-2004" provided(More)
It has undergone a Census Bureau review more limited in scope than that given to official Census Bureau publications. This report is released to inform interested parties of ongoing research and to encourage discussion of work in progress. I. Introduction In 2001 the U.S. Census Bureau launched field operations for the National Epidemiological Survey on(More)
Multiple data sources are sometimes available as potential sampling frames for population surveys, and in some situations the use of a multiple frame sample design is more advantageous than using a single sampling frame. The use of multiple sampling frames, however, has variance and bias implications, as well as sampling, data collection, and logistical(More)
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