Thomas F. George

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The possibility of compensating absorption in negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) doped by resonant nonlinear-optical centers is shown. The role of quantum interference and the extraordinary properties of four-wave parametric amplification of counterpropagating electromagnetic waves in NIMs are discussed.
All-optical switching from absorption to amplification and wavelength-selective narrowband filtering are shown possible in doped solids based on parametric amplification and quantum interference. The results are discussed in the context of compensation of losses in negative-index metamaterials. Absorption is generally recognized now as one of the most(More)
Optical negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) form a novel class of artificial electromagnetic materials that promise revolutionary breakthrough in photonics and became possible due to fast developments in nanotechnology. Particularly, this is in regard to signal and information processing capabilities and novel concepts of elemental and integrated optical(More)
Preface Professor Ping Sheng, who became one of the protagonists in the physics of random inhomogeneous media, told me once that, when he started research in this field thirty years ago, his senior colleagues tried to discourage him from studying " dirty " materials and suggested he focused on traditional " nice " solids, such as crystals. Nowadays, it has(More)
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