Thomas F. George

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The possibility of compensating absorption in negative-index metamaterials (NIMs) doped by resonant nonlinear-optical centers is shown. The role of quantum interference and the extraordinary properties of four-wave parametric amplification of counterpropagating electromagnetic waves in NIMs are discussed.
AIMS This article explores the laser-induced explosion of absorbing nanoparticles in selective nanophotothermolysis of cancer. METHODS This is realized through fast overheating of a strongly absorbing target during the time of a short laser pulse when the influence of heat diffusion is minimal. RESULTS On the basis of simple energy balance, it is found(More)
Partial cystectomy was performed in 11 dogs with bladder neoplasia (10 with transitional cell carcinoma and one with rhabdomyosarcoma). Between 40 and 70 per cent of the bladder was excised during the partial cystectomies. In eight dogs, all the grossly visible tumour was excised but on histopathological examination of the excised tissue, neoplastic tissue(More)
UNLABELLED Nanoparticles are being researched as a noninvasive method for selectively killing cancer cells. With particular antibody coatings on nanoparticles, they attach to the abnormal cells of interest (cancer or otherwise). Once attached, nanoparticles can be heated with ultraviolet-visible/infrared or radiofrequency pulses, heating the surrounding(More)
Neither flapping and running to take-off nor gliding from heights can be disproved as the assured evolutionary origin of self-powered flight observed in modern vertebrates. Gliding with set wings would utilize available potential energy from gravity but gain little from flapping. Bipedal running, important in avian phylogeny, possibly facilitated the(More)
A theory of linear and nonlinear optical susceptibilites of disordered composites consisting of nanospheres in a dielectric host ~Maxwell Garnett composites! is developed. The theory is based on a spectral representation in the dipole approximation. Numerical computations are performed in the framework of the dipolar spectral theory to obtain the linear(More)
BACKGROUND Progress made by the scientific community in the understanding of cell receptors and metabolic pathways has led to discovery of chemical and protein agents which act as delivery vectors to specific tissues. Conjugating these agents to noble-metal nanoparticles allows for subsequent accumulation on or within targeted cells. Utilizing the unique(More)
Through retrofitting the descriptor of a scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) and developing a new similarity measure function based on trajectories generated from Lissajous curves, a new remote sensing image registration approach is constructed, which is more robust and accurate than prior approaches. In complex cases where the correct rate of feature(More)
This paper employs a molecular dynamics approach to uncover the time profile of exciton formation, which can be divided into two stages: localization of electron-hole pairs and relaxation process (nuclear and electronic). Under photoexcitation, an electron-hole pair is formed by an electronic transition, and the pair in turn becomes localized through the(More)
Twoand four-point density correlation functions p2(r) and p4(r) are studied numerically and theoretically in computer-generated three-dimensional lattice cluster-cluster aggregates ~CCA! with the number of particles N up to 20 000 in application to the light scattering problem. The ‘‘pure’’ aggregation algorithm is used, where subclusters of all possible(More)