Thomas F. Eibert

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— In this paper, we present the formulation of a finite-element/boundary-integral method for the analysis of three-dimensional doubly periodic structures based on arbitrary nonorthogonal lattice configurations. The method starts from a functional description of the field problem where only a single unit cell of the array is considered. This unit cell is(More)
A novel diagonalized multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) for time harmonic Maxwell's equations is proposed which realizes considerable memory savings without compromising accuracy and computational speed. The improvement is achieved by expanding the k-space integrals over the unit sphere in spherical harmonics. Since the spherical harmonics expansion(More)
—Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) imaging is one of the most sophisticated methods to obtain information about the scattering or radiation properties of a finite sized object. The idea is to process the scattered or radiated fields coherently over a certain frequency bandwidth and over a certain angular range in order to generate the image. In a(More)
A spherical near-field antenna measurement facility employing a time domain hardware gating technique is presented. On-off keyed sinusoidal impulses are used as stimuli requiring wideband antennas with a bandwidth in excess of 400 MHz. The received signal is evaluated in the time interval after reaching the steady state and before multipath components(More)