Thomas F. Burks

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he environmental impact from herbicide utilization has been well-documented in recent years. As a result, efforts to protect groundwater quality by restricting the use of certain herbicides is likely to increase in the years to come. However, society is likewise concerned about maintaining cost-effective production of agricultural crops. According to(More)
The citrus industry is an important constituent of Florida's overall agricultural economy. Proper disease control measures must be undertaken in citrus groves to minimize losses. Technological strategies using machine vision and artificial intelligence are being investigated to achieve intelligent farming, including early detection of diseases in groves,(More)
The Euclidean position and orientation of a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) is typically required for autonomous selection and control of agricultural operations in a greenhouse. A vision-based localization scheme is formulated as a desire to identify the position and orientation of a WMR navigating in a greenhouse by utilizing the image feedback of the(More)
This article discusses the development of a sensor fusion system for guiding an autonomous vehicle through citrus grove alleyways. The sensor system for path finding consists of machine vision and laser radar. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is used for detecting the tilt of the vehicle, and a speed sensor is used to find the travel speed. A fuzzy logic(More)
A time and motion study was conducted at 13 small dairy farms with average herd sizes less than 100 cows. Parlors were configured with 3 to 6 stalls per side. A data acquisition methodology was developed using a video camera to gather work routine time data in the parlors. A computer-based data logger was used to extract individual event durations during(More)
In automating agricultural tasks, the ability to reach, grasp, and/or pick biological objects can be realized through the use of robot manipulators. As a basis for this effort, the robotic arm's performance capabilities (dexterity, repeatability, etc.) need to be assessed before an appropriate configuration is chosen. The availability of modern computing(More)