Thomas F. Allen

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There is a growing interest in various fields in the abstract properties of complex systems and ways of studying them. Hierarchy theory, a product of the cross-fertilization of several disciplines, including economics, physics, chemistry, psychology, philosophy and ecology, is believed to be a promising analytical approach for understanding complexity.(More)
This project serves to explore the system bottlenecks of a small, family owned ATV rental company. The main objective is to reduce the average time a customer spends in the system, focusing on customer wait time as well as other areas that can be improved. This was done by collecting time studies and inputting the values into simulation software, which was(More)
Farm-household relations represent a central question as related to data collection / processing to provide information on rural development and agricultural-based households income. This issue implies both theoretical and empirical (modelling) facets. In the framework of the SEAMLESS Integrated Project (EU Framework Programme 6), the Farm System Simulator(More)