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Kettin is a large modular protein associated with thin filaments in the Z-disc region of insect muscles. The sequence of a 21.3 kb contig of the Drosophila gene has been determined. The corresponding protein sequence has 35 immunoglobulin-like (Ig) domains which are separated by shorter linker sequences, except near the N and C termini of the molecule where(More)
Based on a novel contact-space formulation, this paper presents a new algorithm to find two-fingered caging grasps of planar polygonal objects. We show that the caging problem has several useful properties in contact space. First, the critical points of the cage representation in the hand's configuration space appear as critical points of an inter-finger(More)
At a site near the end of the short arms of lampbrush bivalent 2 in the chicken (Gallus domesticus) there is always a marker structure that appears in the phase-contrast light microscope as a solid object with diffuse edges measuring about 4 microns across. When examined by transmission electron microscopy in thin section, this object appears as a loose(More)
Multi-finger caging offers a robust approach to grasping. This paper describes an algorithm to find caging formations of a 3D polyhedron for two point fingers using a lower-dimensional contact-space formulation. The paper shows that contact space has several useful properties. First, the critical points of the cage in the hand's configuration space are(More)
Multifinger caging offers a rigorous and robust object grasping approach. Focusing on two-finger caging, this paper describes an algorithm for finding all two-finger cage formations of planar polygonal objects based on contact-space formulation. The paper shows that two-finger cages have several useful properties in contact space. First, the critical points(More)
This article reviews the ongoing supply–demand crisis in internship availability and the models that have been proposed as solutions. “Restraint of trade” has been the chief argument used by regulating agencies to dampen solutions aimed at the demand side of the supply–demand crisis. We offer a legal analysis of the restraint of trade argument and offer a(More)
This paper studies cages of convex polygonal objects using three point fingers. The fingers are said to cage the object when it is impossible to move the object arbitrarily far from its initial placement without penetrating the fingers. We consider a three-parameter model of the relative position of the fingers, which gives complete generality for three(More)
The band-to-band absorption enhancement due to various types of light trapping structures is studied experimentally with photoluminescence (PL) on monocrystalline silicon wafers. Four basic light trapping structures are examined: reactive ion etched texture (RIE), metal-assisted etched texture (MET), random pyramid texture (RAN) and plasmonic Ag(More)
In this study, we present a novel application of thin magnesium fluoride films to form electron-selective contacts to n-type crystalline silicon (c-Si). This allows the demonstration of a 20.1%-efficient c-Si solar cell. The electron-selective contact is composed of deposited layers of amorphous silicon (∼6.5 nm), magnesium fluoride (∼1 nm), and aluminum(More)