Thomas Ertlmaier

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The development and operation of modern IT infrastructures requires generally accepted standards. Many standardization efforts are currently ongoing within the service oriented and event processing community. Recently a new discipline entitled "Event-Driven Business Process Management (ED-BPM)" has emerged which takes a synergetic approach within this(More)
Business processes must become agile, respond to changes in the business environment in a timely manner and quickly adapt themselves to new conditions. Event-Driven Business Process Management (ED-BPM) is an enhancement of Business Process Management (BPM) by concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). The most(More)
Being a part of the project proposal for EU/FP7, " DoReMoPat " (" Domain Specific Reference Models for Complex Event Processing Patterns ") [2], the doctoral thesis is embedded in a research project that is driven by a consortium of approximately fifteen participants covering both academic and commercial sectors in aspects of a wide variety of business(More)
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