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Polyphenols are intensively metabolized in the human gastrointestinal tract after apple juice consumption.
Polyphenols are secondary plant compounds showing anticarcinogenic effects both in vitro and in animal experiments and may thus reduce the risk of colorectal cancer in man. The identification ofExpand
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Absorption and isomerization of caffeoylquinic acids from different foods using ileostomist volunteers
BackgroundPolyphenols are thought to play important roles in human nutrition and health but these health effects are dependent on their bioavailability. This study is one of a series with the aim ofExpand
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Dose-dependent absorption of chlorogenic acids in the small intestine assessed by coffee consumption in ileostomists.
SCOPE Until now, the question of how the ingested doses of chlorogenic acids (CGA) from coffee influence their absorption and metabolism remains unresolved. To assess absorption in the smallExpand
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Metabolism of green tea catechins by the human small intestine
Numerous studies have shown that green tea polyphenols can be degraded in the colon, and there is abundant knowledge about the metabolites of these substances that appear in urine and plasma afterExpand
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Structure- and dose-absorption relationships of coffee polyphenols.
Chlorogenic acids (CGAs) from coffee have biological effects related to human health. Thus, specific data on their bioavailability in the upper gastrointestinal tract are of high interest, since someExpand
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Human intestinal hydrolysis of phenol glycosides - a study with quercetin and p-nitrophenol glycosides using ileostomy fluid.
In order to study the influence of sugar moiety, aglycon structure and microflora concentration on the human ileal hydrolysis of phenol glycosides, various quercetin and p-nitrophenol glycosides wereExpand
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A novel method for the quantification of quinic acid in food using stable isotope dilution analysis.
Organic acids play an important role in the flavor and taste of plant-derived foods. Quinic acid (QA) is one of the major acids. In the past, several methods like HPLC/UV, GC, and capillaryExpand
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Modulation of 3',5'-cyclic AMP homeostasis in human platelets by coffee and individual coffee constituents.
3',5'-Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is one of the most important second messengers in mammalian cells, mediating a multitude of diverse cellular signalling responses. Its homeostasis is primarily regulated byExpand
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Bioavailability of coffee polyphenols: focus on dose- and structure response
A positive affection of human health by nutrition is of high interest, especially for bioactive compounds which are consumed daily in high amounts. This is the case for chlorogenic acids (CGA)Expand
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Contact drive for vacuum switch
Contact drive for a vacuum switch, particularly for vacuum contactors, having coaxially arranged contacts, one of which acts at least movable and by means of a contact bolt with a shock absorberExpand