Thomas Enright

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To determine the relevance of a documented allergic profile as a predisposing factor in radiographic contrast media (RCM) reaction, we investigated its incidence among 100 subjects who underwent RCM studies. Fifty of these subjects reacted to RCM (reactors) and 50 were non-reactors (controls). All 100 subjects completed an allergy questionnaire, allergy(More)
Recently a method for theophylline assay on the Ames Seralyzer was introduced. We compared the interday variability of this method to the established interday variability of an enzyme multiplied immunoassay (Emit) technique used in the service laboratory of a hospital. Control sera and calibrator prepared to known concentrations (10, 15, and 25(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the anatomic distribution of gadolinium contrast medium by high-resolution surface-coil magnetic resonance imaging after peribulbar and retrobulbar injection. METHODS Comparative case series in which 4 healthy volunteers were randomized to peribulbar (n = 2) or retrobulbar (n = 2) injection of gadolinium and lidocaine hydrochloride,(More)
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