Thomas Engels

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Although many examples of highly cost-effective interventions to control neglected tropical diseases exist, our understanding of the full economic effect that these diseases have on individuals, households, and nations needs to be improved to target interventions more effectively and equitably. We review data for the effect of neglected tropical diseases on(More)
The formation of the immunological synapse between T cells and antigen-presenting cells (APC) begins within minutes of contact and can take hours for full T-cell activation. Although early phases of the synapse have been extensively studied for a select number of proteins, later phases have not yet been examined in detail. We studied the signaling network(More)
BACKGROUND Assessing myocardial first-pass wash-in during pharmacological induced stress allows detection of perfusion deficits and indicates stenotic coronary arteries (CA). The aim of our study was to demonstrate clinical relevance of contrast-enhanced stress magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) by predicting necessity of CA intervention. METHODS 738(More)
BACKGROUND Patients testing positive for myocardial ischemia but without significant coronary artery (CA) stenosis in coronary angiography (CXA) are characterized as having "small vessel disease" (SVD). The aim of our study was to identify these patients by stress perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR). METHODS 317 patients with suspected myocardial(More)
We report the results of an investigation on stratum corneum lipids, which present the main barrier of the skin. Molecular dynamics simulations, thermal analysis and FTIR measurements were applied. The primary objective of this work was to study the effect of cholesterol on skin structure and dynamics. Two molecular models were constructed, a free fatty(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricle (LV) remodeling after anterior wall myocardial infarction leads to increased LV volumes, myocardial stress, and, ultimately, heart failure (HF). Patients have high morbidity and mortality risk, and treatment remains limited. Percutaneous ventricular restoration (PVR) therapy using the Parachute device, a fluoropolymer membrane(More)
High-resolution numerical simulations of a tethered model bumblebee in forward flight are performed superimposing homogeneous isotropic turbulent fluctuations to the uniform inflow. Despite tremendous variation in turbulence intensity, between 17% and 99% with respect to the mean flow, we do not find significant changes in cycle-averaged aerodynamic forces,(More)