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Recent approaches to global illumination for dynamic scenes achieve interactive frame rates by using coarse approximations to geometry, lighting, or both, which limits scene complexity and rendering quality. High-quality global illumination renderings of complex scenes are still limited to methods based on ray tracing. While conceptually simple, these(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric tracheal intubation requires considerable expertise and can represent a challenge to many anesthesiologists. Confirmation of correct tracheal tube position relies on direct visualization or indirect measures, such as auscultation and capnography. These methods have varying sensitivity and specificity, especially in the infant and young(More)
Perioperative airway problems frequently result in significant morbidity and mortality in children. Therefore, proficiency in airway management is one of the most important key elements in the safe conduct of paediatric anaesthesia. This review includes important anatomical and physiological aspects of the paediatric airway, challenges encountered, and(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term cosmetic results following thyroid resection may soon become more relevant because minimally invasive techniques are also being promoted. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two hundred forty-four patients were prospectively enrolled for a questionnaire regarding long-term results following thyroid resection. Ninety of these patients were(More)
BACKGROUND The glutamate-nitric oxide-cyclic GMP pathway has been identified as a potential target for volatile anaesthetic agents as acute inhibition of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) reduces the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) in most animal studies. However, mice deficient in the type I NOS isoform (nNOS) are reported to have a similar MAC for(More)
The descriptions of total spondylectomy and further development of the technique for the treatment of vertebral sarcomas offered for the first time the opportunity to achieve oncologically sufficient resection margins, thereby improving local tumor control and overall survival. Today, single level en bloc spondylectomies are routinely performed and(More)
Figure 1: Subpixel rendering of a plane with a structured texture for different subpixel layouts, similar to those found in diverse displays nowadays. This image showcases high-quality texture filtering, one of the applications of our proposed optimal filtering framework, comparing standard filtering (anisotropic and EWA) to our subpixel-aware filtering(More)
The incidence of unanticipated difficult or failed airway in otherwise healthy children is rare, and routine airway management in pediatric patients is easy in experienced hands. However, difficulties with airway management in healthy children are not infrequent in nonpediatric anesthetists and are a main reason for pediatric anesthesia-related morbidity(More)