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In this work we evaluate the performance of generic local structures as template points for secure fingerprint matching. We present a generic template structure called an n-gon that derives from a set of n neighboring minutiae points. We secure templates consisting of sets of n-gons using the fuzzy vault construct to obfuscate the data. We report the(More)
Finding topically relevant content from sparse disparate sources on the Web requires robust techniques. A focused web crawler is a type of crawler that attempts to make predictions about page relevance and traverse the web efficiently to retrieve relevant information. In this work, we design and test a novel framework of focused crawling tailored to(More)
In this work, we present a multiple server fingerprint verification scheme that provides enhanced template security by eliminating several known vulnerabilities of the fuzzy vault scheme. We secure templates from adversarial attacks in honest-but-curious server scenarios by utilizing commutative encryption in which the raw fingerprint template is never used(More)
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