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Historic manufacturing enterprises based on vertically optimized companies, practices, market share, and competitiveness are giving way to enterprises that are responsive across an entire value chain to demand dynamic markets and customized product value adds; increased expectations for environmental sustainability, reduced energy usage, and zero incidents;(More)
With an ever-evolving power grid, concerns regarding how to maintain system stability, efficiency, and reliability remain constant because of increasing uncertainties and decreasing rotating inertia. To alleviate some of these concerns, demand response represents a viable solution and is virtually an untapped resource in the current power grid. This work(More)
NACIO addresses a large security hole that exists in many critical infrastructure control centers. Because of operational constraints, operators are not authenticated to the workstations that control critical infrastructure. Anyone with physical access to the workstation has the ability to control these critical systems. NACIO provides mechanisms to detect(More)
We describe a new way to construct finite geometric objects. For every k we obtain a symmetric configuration E(k−1) with k points on a line. In particular, we have a constructive existence proof for such configurations. The method is purely geometric. It also produces interesting periodic matrices. Mathematisches Institut, Universität Tübigen, Deutschland(More)
Between 45,000 cal years BP and the beginning of the Holocene, the accumulation rate for Hg in sediments of Lake Tulane, Florida ranged from ≈2 to 10 μg m(-2) yr(-1), compared with 53 μg Hg m(-2) yr(-1) in the 1985-1990 period of anthropogenic input. The locality experienced regional draw-down of the water table during the Wisconsinan glaciation, which(More)
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