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XXV. Observations on the eclipse of the sun, April 1, 1764: In a letter to the Right Honourable James Earl of Morton, Pres. R. S. from the Reverend Thomas Hornsby, M. A. and Savilian Professor of
My Lord, I Take the liberty to transmit to your Lordship the following observations of the great eclipse of the Sun on the 1st of April last, in hopes that your Lordship may think them not unworthyExpand
LIII. The quantity of the Sun's parallax as deduced from the observations of the transit of Venus, on June 3, 1769
Read Dec. 19, r T ^ H E uncertainty as to the quantity W ' 1 of the Sun’s parallax, deduced from the obkrvations of the tranftt of -Venus .in 1761 (whether it ,atofe from the unfavourable pofition ofExpand
XXIII. An Account of the observations of the transit of Venus and of the eclipse of the sun, made at Shirburn Castle and at Oxford
The weather, on the morning of the 3d of June, was so very unfavourable, both at the observatory of the Earl of Macclesfield and also here at Oxford, that there was very little reason to expect thatExpand
The American Bar Association (ABA) 2007 Model Code of Judicial Conduct: What Does it Mean to Juvenile and Family Court Judges?
This article is an examination of the American Bar Association (ABA) Model Code of Judicial Conduct (2007) and codes in states that have adopted the 2007 Code or made revisions based on it. TheExpand
Improving the Equitable Distribution of Revenue from the Sale of South Carolina Surplus Property
State agencies are required to maintain inventories of property and to declare all items they no longer need or use as surplus. The State Surplus Property Office would like to make sure that stateExpand
LV. A discourse on the parallax of the Sun. By the Rev. Thomas Hornsby, M.A. Savilian Professor of Astronomy in the University of Oxford, and F. R. S
The quantity of the Sun's parallax is of such importance both to the theory and practical part of astronomy, that every method of determining it hath been employed by the astronomers of every age.Expand
XXXIV. On the transit of Venus in 1769. To the Right Honourable The Earl of Morton, President to the Council and Fellows of the Royal Society, this discourse is, with all humility, inscribed, by
The observations of the late transit of Venus, though made with all possible care and accuracy, have not enabled us to determine with certainty the real quantity of the sun's parallax; since, by aExpand
Do judges adequately address the causes and impact of violence in children's lives in deciding contested child custody cases?
Judge Hornsby begins by citing a case that revealed to him his own biases, misunderstandings, and misperceptions about batterers and their victims, and goes on to illuminate the pertinent factors that lead so many judges to make decisions resulting in potentially disastrous outcomes. Expand