Thomas E. Walder

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Medical entomologists increasingly recognize that the ability to make inferences between laboratory experiments of vector biology and epidemiological trends observed in the field is hindered by a conceptual and methodological gap occurring between these approaches which prevents hypothesis-driven empirical research from being conducted on relatively large(More)
Sound localization in the sagittal planes, including the ability to distinguish front from back, relies on spectral features caused by the filtering effects of the head, pinna, and torso. It is assumed that important spatial cues are encoded in the frequency range between 4 and 16 kHz. In this study, in a double-blind design and using audio-visual training(More)
The industrial gas industry has been using integrally geared compressors for over 35 years. This industry has the most experience in the design aspects, the commissioning, and the operation of this style compressor. With the inclusion of integrally geared compressors into API 617, and with use of these machines being more accepted as process compressors,(More)
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