Thomas E Rix

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BACKGROUND The decision on whether to operate on a sick elderly person with an intra-abdominal emergency is one of the most difficult in general surgery. A predictive risk-score would be of great value in this situation. METHODS A Medline search was performed to identify those predictive risk-scores relevant to sick elderly patients in whom emergency(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroidectomy is a commonly performed operation for the treatment of thyroid disease. Inadvertent removal of parathyroid glands is a recognised complication of this operation and may have consequences on the longterm regulation of calcium homeostasis post-operatively. We aimed to establish the incidence of parathyroid gland excision during(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapid-access carotid endarterectomy (RACE) is an evidence-based treatment for symptomatic carotid stenosis. Our vascular centre aims to provide this service within 48 h of symptoms in appropriate patients. This study audits safety and efficacy of the first year of RACE. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A clear trust protocol was publicised for the RACE(More)
INTRODUCTION Herniography has been shown to be useful in the detection of occult groin hernias in patients with a history of groin pain. We performed a retrospective review to assess our experience of this investigation. METHODS The notes of 170 patients who underwent herniography between 1995 and 2004 were reviewed. The results of herniography and(More)
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