Thomas E Reich

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The first microcrystalline borazine-linked polymer, BLP-2(H), has been synthesized. BLP-2(H) crystallizes into 2D sheets that stack in an eclipsed AA fashion, has high thermal stability (∼420 °C) and high porosity (SA(BET) = 1178 m(2) g(-1)) and it can store up to 2.4 wt% of hydrogen at 77 K and 15 bar with isosteric heat of adsorption of 6.8 kJ mol(-1).
Hole-some mixture: A 2D mesoporous covalent organic framework (see figure) featuring expanded pyrene cores and linked by imine linkages has a high surface area (SA(BET) = 2723 m(2)  g(-1)) and exhibits significant gas storage capacities under high pressure, which make this class of material very promising for gas storage applications.
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