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Accounting for socioeconomic and demographic variables as well as country specific effects, households' willingness to pay for changes in climate is revealed using European data on reported life satisfaction. Individuals located in areas with lower average levels of sunshine and higher average levels of relative humidity are less satisfied as are(More)
We investigate well-being changes for single mother headed families targeted by recent tax and welfare reforms. Measured income changes sharply differ from consumption changes. We examine disaggregated consumption, time use, and health insurance coverage. Increases in housing and transportation spending mostly account for the rise in consumption in the(More)
T he expiration of my term as chairman of the board concluded nine years of service as member, then vice-chair, and then chair and I would like to reflect on more than the last year. In the early 1990s the solid ground on which the Society's programs had been built was shifting, as were the conditions under which non-profit foundations such as ours(More)
  • Thomas Murray
  • 1998
Nurse leaders seem to believe that nurses should rejoice because doctors in some areas are opting not to take the chair of primary care groups (News July 22). This shows doctors have a more sophisticated view of power than nurses do.