Thomas E. Marchok

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The research reported in this paper was conducted to identify those attributes, of both sequential circuits and structural, sequential automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) algorithms, which can lead to extremely high test generation times. The retiming transformation is used as a mechanism to create two classes of circuits which present varying degrees(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for scheduling the IEEE 802.5 token ring. This approach not only guarantees deadlines for synchronous class messages, but also dramatically reduces asynchronous class response times. Further, highly responsive guaranteed service is introduced for alert class asynchronous messages. Conventional use of the IEEE 802.5 token(More)
In their paper the modeling of communication between hardware and software modules at different abstraction levels for different design tools is addressed. This is achieved by using a multi-view library concept in order to hide specific hardware/software implementation details and communication schemes. The same C and VHDL descriptions can be used for both(More)