Thomas E Landerholm

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We recently reported that the first detectable expression of SMC-specific proteins during coronary smooth muscle cell (CoSMC) differentiation from isolated proepicardial cells was restricted to cells undergoing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transformation (EMT). The objectives of this study were to examine more closely the relation between actin cytoskeletal(More)
Coronary artery smooth muscle (SM) cells originate from proepicardial cells that migrate over the surface of the heart, undergo epithelial to mesenchymal transformation and invade the subepicardial and cardiac matrix. Prior to contact with the heart, proepicardial cells exhibit no expression of smooth muscle markers including SMalphaactin, SM22alpha,(More)
Cone bipolar cells are the first retinal neurons that respond in a differential manner to light onset and offset. In the mature retina, the terminal arbors of On and Off cone bipolar cells terminate in different sublaminas of the inner plexiform layer (IPL) where they form synapses with the dendrites of On and Off retinal ganglion cells and with the(More)
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